Is A Vegas Wedding Right For You?

5 October 2015
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If you and your betrothed would like to be married sooner rather than later, you may be dismayed at what you see as your two main options: rush through a quickie ceremony that does the job but isn't what you've always envisioned, or put your long-awaited nuptials on hold for months or more while you plan your dream wedding. However, there may be a third option that can help you pull off your ideal wedding without taking months (or thousands of dollars) to plan -- and all you'll need to do is hop on a plane with your closest friends and loved ones. Read on to learn more about marrying in Las Vegas and what you'll need to do to pull off your dream wedding on a very short timetable.

What are the residency requirements to be married in Nevada?

One of the primary advantages of a destination wedding in Las Vegas includes the state of Nevada's nearly-nonexistent residency and waiting period requirements. To marry in Las Vegas, you'll need only to present a photo ID and $60 to the Clark County clerk. There's no requirement that you be a Nevada resident, and you can receive a license as quickly as the clerk's office can process your request, without needing to go through a "cooling off" or other waiting period. 

Because you don't want to find yourself hitting a last minute snag after arriving in Las Vegas, you may want to investigate applying for your Nevada marriage license online. This can allow you to head straight from the airport to your wedding without needing to wait in line at the clerk's office or deal with other potential delays.

What type of weddings and reception styles are available?

If a Vegas wedding never crossed your mind because you don't like to gamble, you may be pleasantly surprised at what else the city has to offer in the way of wedding and reception festivities. Because the wedding chapels located in Las Vegas perform multiple ceremonies each day, they're uniquely equipped to handle a variety of styles and specific requests. Like the backstage assistants who help live performers change complex costumes in mere seconds before appearing back onstage, Las Vegas wedding planners and assistants can put together a detailed and thoughtful ceremony on very little notice and with minimal stress.

While this does mean that you can have your very own Elvis-officiated wedding, a drive-thru wedding, or even a "grand slam" wedding at the Las Vegas Denny's, there is an equally varied choice of more upscale or sophisticated wedding themes. For example, if you and your soon-to-be spouse have always wanted to journey to Paris, but haven't been able to afford European airfare, you can be married on the 50th floor of the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower amid a serenade of piano music. You may also be able to be wed on a gondola ride, in front of the city's iconic "welcome" sign, or simply have a low-key ceremony with your choice of colors, flowers, and other decor.

How quickly can you be married in Las Vegas?

The ability to apply for a marriage license online and relatively low cost of a Las Vegas wedding mean that you can be wed just about as quickly as you can arrive via plane, train, or car. Most of the wedding chapels and other vendors offer package deals, so you may be able to purchase a flight, hotel room, and wedding for one all-inclusive price. Because Las Vegas is a year-round tourist destination, flights to and from this city are often cheaper than similar-distance flights elsewhere.

For more information, visit sites like to see what other options are available for a Las Vegas wedding.