Tips For Renting A Yacht For Your Wedding Reception

18 November 2015
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From impersonal banquet halls to noisy bars and backyards, chances are you've attended wedding receptions at any number of traditional venues. You want your wedding reception to be unique and memorable, which is why you're planning on hosting your reception on a yacht. If you've never planned a yacht party before you might not know where to begin, or some of the pitfalls that can come from improper planning. Here are a few simple tips to help you plan an amazing wedding reception on a rental yacht:

Renting the Ideal Yacht

Now that you've chosen to enjoy your wedding reception on a yacht, it's time to secure the right vessel for your needs and budget. For example if your budget is a huge consideration, it's best to find a smaller vessel that can be rented for a few hours, rather than an entire day.

Here are a few other tips and considerations to keep in mind while securing a yacht for your wedding reception:

  • The Yacht's Size and the Guest List: Your budget will dictate the size of the yacht you can afford. Unfortunately, a smaller yacht and smaller budget will also mean you will have to trim your guest list. Keep this in mind when determining just how large of a yacht you can afford.

  • Ask About What Is Included in the Rental Fee: Depending on the company and the size of the boat, you will be offered a variety of amenities. Before agreeing on a price, ask about what is included in the package. Look for a package that includes the cost of setting up the tables, decorating, cleaning, the cost of fuel and the cost to hire the crew for the event. Additionally, the rental company will ask you to purchase insurance to cover the cost of any accidents. 

  • Learn Your Charter Boat Lingo: If you've never chartered a yacht before, chances are you aren't familiar with the lingo. In the world of yachts, there are two terms you need to learn: bareboat and crewed. Renting a bareboat yacht means there is no crew available and you'll be responsible for finding a crew on your own. A crewed yacht comes equipped with a knowledgeable crew. Make sure to choose a crewed yacht for your reception. 

Planning a Perfect and Prepared Guest List

According to the Knot, the average couple invited 138 people to their wedding. Once again, the size of your yacht will dictate the size of your guest list. The charter company will help determine the ideal guest list for the yacht. Once you've created a guest list, make sure that you include an RSVP card in your invitation – and insist the guests return it.

Unlike a traditional reception that is hosted on dry land, it is vital your guests let you know whether they are planning on attending your yacht reception. This will not only help you plan your menu accordingly, on the day of the reception, you will be able to set sail without leaving any guests on the dock.

Finally, because you'll be on a boat, it is important you ask your guests if they're prone to sea sickness. If so, insist they take the proper precautions, such as taking an over-the-counter sea sickness medication before boarding the yacht. Otherwise, consider providing these guests with a baggy filled with seasickness medicine and a small bottle of water. These will come in handy if anyone becomes unexpectedly queasy. 

From chartering the right yacht for your budget to making sure you have enough food, there are many choices you'll need to make while planning your wedding reception. However, with a little careful planning and some extra servings of chicken or fish, you will plan an amazing and unforgettable yacht wedding reception.