How To Protect Your Wedding Dress At Various Country Wedding Venues

6 October 2017
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"Country" weddings can be a lot of fun, if you know how to do them right. The biggest aspect of a country wedding is getting the venue right, but you also want to be sure that your wedding dress is not damaged by the venue choice. Here is how to protect your wedding dress a various country wedding venues.

The Country Barn Venue

This is probably the cleanest venue option. You should select the country barn venue that has plank wood flooring throughout the structure, and no dirt floors. This will allow you and your guests to "hoe-down" the night away with minimal dirt damage to your dress. As for the dirt that will be present on the floor, remove a long train from the dress, remove a trailing veil, and hoist up your skirts a couple of inches. Now you are ready to kick up your heels with your wedding guests!

The Rodeo Ring Venue

Rodeo ring venues provide you with indoor or outdoor reception options. Regardless of which you choose for your "countrified" wedding, one thing is certain. Anything spilled becomes part of the ground with very little to clean up. As for your dress, be sure to buy a simpler, shorter wedding gown for the reception if you are going to wear a longer, more formal dress for the wedding ceremony. This ensures that your ceremony dress remains clean and white, while your venue dress never touches the dirt/soil ground of the rodeo ring either. (Sometimes you can rent a shorter dress just for this purpose so that you do not have to buy two wedding dresses!)

The Country Fair Venue

Who does not like a good old country fair? At your county fair grounds, there are at least a half dozen buildings where you can hold a reception (and not smell animal feces with your dinner). In addition to that, you can hire carnival rides as the entertainment rather than have a dance at the end of the evening.

As for your wedding dress, to keep it from being torn or muddied, choose a close-fitting shift or A-line dress in a tea-length style or shorter. There are also some wedding dresses out there that are for more adventurous wedding ceremonies, designed with destination weddings in mind. You could try wearing one of those dresses so that you can still enjoy the carnival rides and festivities of your chosen wedding venue.

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